Top 5 songs of the week (04/10/16)

This is my first attempt at this so hopefully I can do a half decent job and continue to improve from week to week. Like I said I’ll be trying to do one of these every week depending on how much work I have to do and reiterating the point that these might not be the most recent of songs just ones I think deserve to be heard by more people.

  1. I.No – Girl ft. Kvsh                                                                                                                                  An up-and-coming South Korean rapper who I could find very little information on especially with my inability to speak Korean. I only found it through spending half my life on YouTube but it has a very simple and chill beat and even if you can’t understand it you can still bop your head along to it.                                                         
  2. Frank Ocean – Solo                                                                                                                                  Coming off his recently released “Blond” album which is his third release and has received universal acclaim so far. “Solo” is very open to interpretation but seems to be about being alone or waiting for a call from a lover. It can also be seen to be about how he is emotionally “so low”. I would recommend listening to the entire album but “Solo” is my favourite track off it so far.      
  3. Diiv – Dopamine                                                                                                                                    The lead single of this American rock band’s latest album “Is The Is Are”. Good for people who would enjoy the likes of Mac Demarco, Darwin Deez and many other alt-rock offerings. Lead singer Zachary Cole Smith described the song as “an extension/exploration of the sounds we explored on Oshin, reimagined”.                 
  4. Simba Zawadi – Late Night (ft. Kenny Raw)                                                                                    Another South Korean Hip Hop artist , you will probably see quite a bit of South Korean music featured in these lists my apologies, Simba Zawadi featured on Show Me The Money 5 a popular South Korean Hip Hop show and garnered some recognition from that. I believe he may now be working under well-known South Korean Hip Hop label Illionaire Records. Anyways great song with a very chill beat to go with some steady rapping.
  5. J. Cole – No Role models                                                                                                                      Off his critically acclaimed 2014 album “Forest Hills Drive” which has created a well-known phrase among fans of J. Cole “Double platinum with no features” for the album going double platinum without featuring other artists on any of the tracks. The song is mostly about J. Cole’s lack of proper role models in his life and talking about how certain people in Hollywood have become that way due to their role models being the reality tv stars that have become famous for achieving very little.

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