Top 5 songs of the week (17/10/2016)

Apologies about missing last week was quite sick so was barely able to function let alone think about writing a blog post but back this week with 5 more great songs for your ears and I’ll be doing a bigger blog post about popular streetwear brand Supreme in the coming days for those who are interested. Thanks for reading and hopefully you enjoy this week’s selection of music.

1. Her’s – What once was

Great little calm indie number from this Liverpool based duo. According to their Facebook they describe their music as dream pop/Jangle pop while I hate to use those kind of words for genres it’s quite accurate when it comes to this song. The low tones of the singer work really well with the high pitched guitar and the strong bass guitar. All in all a very nice chill song.

2. Bryson Tiller – Exchange

Bryson Tiller just seemed to pop out of nowhere with his hit song “Don’t” in mid 2015. Then he released his debut album “Trapsoul” with RCA Records after rejecting an offer from Drake to sign with his OVO label so I guess he was quite confident in himself. Which he would have every right to be with tracks such as “Don’t” and “Exchange”. This track is Bryson’s ode to an ex girlfriend and his fantasy to get back together and the title makes even more sense when he uses the words “Ex’s change” to hit home his dreams to get back together.

3. Vince Staples – Norf Norf

Vince Staples is one of my favourite rappers at the minute, not only is he a highly skilled rapper, if you ever see interviews with him you will see that the guy is hilarious in his own odd way. You may have heard a little about this song recently due to a young, christian mother in America posting a video about how shocked she was to hear this song play on the radio. What ensues is a hilarious video of her reciting the explicit filled lyrics whilst trying to hold her tears backs. Vince responded to the video perfectly saying that the woman has a right to her opinion but she was clearly confused on the context of the song. “Norf Norf” is an ode to Staple’s hometown of North Longbeach, California where he grew up alongside gang members and drug dealers all his life. The track isn’t supposed to try insight fear in people just more of a commentary of where he has lived most of his life and what it was like.

4.Mac Demarco & Jon Lent – I was a fool to care

Another favourite artist of mine Mac Demarco covers this James Taylor song by simply adding his really simplistic style of performing with his touring keyboardist Jon Lent. He released this cover along with his cover of Prince’s “it’s gonna be lonely” in an ode to the singer after his passing this year. A great cover that any fan of Demarco should enjoy whilst waiting for his follow up to last year’s “Another one”.

5. Young Karin – Bones

From the small island that gave us artists such as Bjork and Sigur Ros comes another highly talented duo , Young Karin. Iceland with a meager population of about 320,000 is seeing a boom in its music industry in the past few years. Its capital Reykjavik is the hub of all these new artists. One of these is Young Karin a band who I found quite hard finding information about. This song “Bones” has a very unique beat behind it which made it stand out for me among other tracks. The band has played festivals such as Rokslide and Iceland’s Airwaves Festival and we will hopefully hear more from them in the future and I recommend checking their social media to find their most recent EP release which is worth a listen.












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