Top 5 songs of the week (31/10/2016)

This week features mostly hip-hop/pop music with a bit of rock to add to the mix as I want to try and diversify the lists more and more so that it has the potential for more people to enjoy. I will also try to every so often do a “themed” list around certain genres or music from a certain decade.

1.Jay Park – Me Like Yuh

Jay Park is an artist mostly associated with the “K-pop” world , for those who may not know K-pop is South Korean pop music. He originally appeared on a  reality tv survival show in South Korea many years ago to become a part of a boy band. The difference with South Korea is most pop artists train for years under a label before they can debut but I’ll be going into that in a lot more detail in a future blog. After being forced to leave that group due to controversy he debuted as a solo artist and has seen great success in Asia and a bit in America too. “Me like Yuh” is from his very recent album “Everything you wanted”. Is a very catchy song with a great beat created by his go to producer Cha Cha Malone who works with Jay’s label AOMG .Although it is a slight shame it is cashing in on the Dancehall trend in music at the minute but that doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy a good song.

2. Chance the Rapper – Cocoa Butter Kisses

Hailing from Chicago one of my favourite rappers Chance has been making serious waves since releasing his highly acclaimed mixtape “Acid Rap” in 2013. It was very hard to pick one song off this mixtape to put on the list as I don’t want to flood the list with the same artists every week as it is easily done with Chance. The track features fellow SaveMoney crew member and famous rapper Vic Mensa and Chicago native Twista. The song is loosely about Chance reminiscing about his child also while talking about his drug use and how it is effecting his memory.

3. Sturla Atlas – Snowin’

This week features yet another artist from the small population of Iceland which can in the summer have days that have 22 hours of sunlight so that’s a little useless fact you can use to impress your friends. I found Sturla Atlas , real name Sigurbjartur Sturla Atlason , through an article in I-D magazine featuring the best upcoming Icelandic musicians normally not an article I would read but I’m glad I did. He began by making a joke EP for one of his friend’s birthday but the music turned out alright so he decided to keep going and take it seriously . He most recently opened for Justin Bieber when he came to Iceland to perform. Snowin’ has an odd beat with the heavy bass but it works well. Hopefully we hear more from him soon.

4. Alien Ant Farm – Movies

A rock band hailing from Riverside, California Alien Ant Farm began in 1996 and have five studio albums and have sold roughly 5 million records in their long career however I feel most people wouldn’t know about them as their biggest hits came in the early 2000s especially with their cover of Michael Jackson’s “Smooth Criminal”. “Movies” seems to be about a failed relationship and how the writer wanted it to be just like a relationship in the movies but unfortunately it didn’t work out that way. I recommend checking out the music video which I will link below as it is one of my favourites paying homage to some great movies even featuring Kesuke Miyagi who played Mr Miyagi in the orignal Karate Kid films.

5. Penelope Isles – Gnarbone 

The final song of this week is from a small Indie band , Penelope Isles , from Brighton is the brainchild of Jack and Lily Wolter. Seeing as they are quite a small band it was hard to find much information about them. Gnarbone is a great track with its fast paced guitars and almost muffled vocals which I feel work really well together and I highly recommend you check out their other music as well.


Thats all for this week but hopefully you enjoyed the read and let your friends know about the blog so more people can have some great songs to their spotify and tidal playlists for future listening. Feel free to check out the Twitter and Instagram accounts for the blog which can be found on the main page and give it a like or a retweet every so often.


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