Top 5 songs of the week (21/11/2016)

There will probably be a gap of posting a top 5 list for the next two weeks(thank god says you) or so as I have a mountain of college to get finished before I get off for Christmas and even then it doesn’t stop but c’est la vie. This week is another mish mash of genres but also features some homegrown talent in the form of Hare Squead three lads coming from Dublin.

1. Madeon and Porter Robinson – Shelter

The first song of the week comes in the form of a collaboration between two dance music producers,  Madeon and Porter Robinson, who came together to give us “Shelter”. The song seems to be themed around loneliness and that becomes even more evident for the official video they released for the song which is kind of weird considering it is a fairly upbeat song. The music video was done in collaboration with famous Japanese animation studio A-1 Pictures and if you are any way interested in animation of any kind I suggest you give it a look below:

2.Kaskade – Whatever ft. Kolaj

A track off the well-known American DJ/producer’s latest album “Automatic”. It is a bit of a departure from his usual Ultra Records-esque music which I don’t really like too much but this track is a bit different. The song is done with LA-based dance music duo and is sung by one the female member of the duo and is just a really nice electronic song. The song is interesting as it is a female perspective of having someone on the side.

3.Yung Lean ft. Bladee – Hennessy & Sailor Moon

Yung Lean is kind of divisive in that you either quite like him or you hate him and I am the former. Yung Lean, a.k.a Jonatan Leandoer Håstad, from Stockholm, Sweden is a rapper who is beginning to get some recognition in the music industry even featuring on one of Frank Ocean’s new songs. Many think the use of Lean in his artist name is in reference to the drink Lean but is in fact taken from his middle name. He first started to make music around 2012 when he met fellow collaborators Yung Sherman and Yung Gud and eventually named the trio the “Sad Boys” collective and are still working together. He released his most recent album in early 2016 called “Warlord” and was teasing this song even before that even though it was only released this week. It is a bit different from what he normally does as what most rappers talk about these days and it is more of a love song and is quite chill and nice to listen to:

4. Richard Orofino – I heard you were looking like the moon.

It was difficult to find much information on Richard but I know that he is 18 and is currently based out of Boston, Massachusetts. He makes really good indie music that has the feel that it was recorded in a bedroom somewhere. I found the song through a really good YouTube channel called Kegz and another one to check out is Thelazylazyme both have a great collection of really unknown but great artists. I would highly recommend checking him and other artists like him out:

5. Hare Squead – Herside Story 

Finally featuring some Irish talent in the music lists which is something I hope to do more of but I am glad that Hare Squead will be the first as they are highly talented. Hare Squead ( pronounced hair skewd) consists of E-Knock, Tony Konstone and Jessy Rose and have just released their latest song “Herside Story” which they have said is “for the love doers in this cold cold season”. It is a great track and I would recommend checking out their other music including “If I ask” which is a great dance track and “Zoo of the new(interlude)” which is my personal favourite. They will be playing in Opium Rooms on the 7th of December for the Spin 1038 Jingle Ball so you should go check them out and support the local music scene:



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