Top 5 songs of the week (09/01/2017) – Lo-Fi, Synth pop, 80’s inspired music

First post for the new year and its quiet a nice one with some of my favourite genres featuring on the list.  My aspirations to get interviews for upcoming Irish brands hasn’t quite gone to plan as of yet but I shall keep trying so as to provide the blog with more varied content. Enough about all that lets get down to the music:

Crozet – We’ll be gone by then

Crozet are an electronic due hailing from Philadelphia. The song “We’ll be gone by then” is full of layers of synths and a nice consistent drum beat that is present enough that it doesn’t stand out too much over other aspects of the song.  Listening to not just this song but the entire album you will notice the dream like sense to all the songs and I suggest listening to it from start to end to really enjoy it. Some of their music also featured in the movie “That Awkward Moment”  which in my opinion wasn’t great but its cool to see unknown artists get featured.

Carousel – Into the night

Carousel were a synth pop band formed out of San Francisco, California. Like Crozet their songs are very much synth heavy but also feature a decent amount of electric guitar. “Into the night”  is more fast paced then the previous song choice and also has a great breakdown towards the end of the song which is becomes very atmospheric and continues into a nice guitar solo to add variety. Unfortunately the band is no longer active as of roughly the end of 2014.

Day Wave – Come Home Now

The reason for Carousel ending is one of its members, Jackson Philips, wanted to make a slightly different type of music and he felt that there was a saturation of bands trying to catch their moment in Los Angeles. He moved to Oakland, California to get a different vibe and make the music he wanted to make. “Come Home Now” isn’t a complete departure from the music in his Carousel days but its got a more indie/lo-fi feel to it which i prefer a lot more. The vocals of the song work really well to compliment the chill vibe of the song and it makes for a really great listen as do his other songs.Since starting out in 2015 he has seen very fast success including a slot at the hugely popular Lollapolooza festival in Chicago. I hope he continues on the path he is going as the music is great!

Mac Demarco – Rock and Roll Nightclub

Mac is one of my favourite artists currently I really like his laid back and chill sound when it comes to his music. Starting out as Makeout Videtape after a while he moved from Vancouver to Montreal to pursue a solo career. He recorded the EP “Rock and Roll Nightclub” which impressed his label, Captured Tracks, that he went on to record the really well received album “2” which has seen a huge growth in his popularity. “Rock and Roll Nightclub” is the epitome of lo-fi sounds like it was recorded out of a bedroom studio. The EP version is quite slowed down with deeper vocals but the version that he performs live I prefer a little more as its a little faster and features some great backing vocals from the bassist towards the end.

Dog World – Vacation

This is a song I found through a boredom with college work and searching to find more music for my ever expanding playlist. It is a bit odd as it seems like its trying to be a part of the trend of genre , vapourwave, in music which I don’t fully understand if I’m honest. It feels very much like a song out of the 80’s with the synth sounds it uses and is a good song if you’re looking for something to chill or even to use with study as the lack of lyrics won’t cause you to lose concentration as easily. In terms of finding out information about the artist there is little to no information except an unused Facebook account.




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