Lifestyles: Live Art Battle: Jess Tobin vs. Holly Pereira 11/02/2017

I hadn’t heard of the of the event until a friend had told me about it but it was a really interesting concept. The event brought two artists together to compete against each other to create a piece of art based around a specific theme. I was certain I was in the wrong place when I arrived up to where the event was. It was in a small barn-like mini warehouse in between some cottages on the north side. The space was actually home to All Out Design, a space for that the website says is to ” provide clever & engaging entertainment solutions for corporate events, bespoke artwork for both interior and exterior spaces and graffiti & street art workshops. We also offer a full range of Graphic Design services”. Which you can see below although its harder to see how cool the space was with the crowd.


The whole event was sponsored by the new matchmaking app LuvGuru ( with one of its features allowing you to be the match maker and suggest matches between friends if you think they might be right for each other and then the two can decide if they want to talk or not so check it out if you’re on the hunt for a match. Jameson was also there to hand out free whiskey mixed with ginger ale and so was Revolution Pizza handing out delicious pizza so I was very content to spend the rest of my day there. The event lasted about three hours from 2-5  so it is handy for people to work around a busy weekend schedule. The two artists were also kind enough to leave their sketch books out so the audience could flip through them and there were also a few beat-boxers on hand to perform during the battle to showcase some of their skills.

With Jess doing the single spirit animal and Holly appearing to do multiple animals the battle got off to a great start with beat-boxers and rappers performing throughout the competition such as the champion beat boxer of Ireland 2016 and a rapper called Mango Dassler who did a freestyle along with one of the beat-boxers. I have video which will go up on the Facebook page due to the restrictions of a free wordpress account. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to stay to the very end of the show so I couldn’t see who won but personally my favourite piece overall was Holly because of the odd art style and how the whole piece came together but Jess’s piece was really great as well! Hopefully I’ll be able to attend the next event that they do and I highly recommend you do too especially considering it only cost a fiver and its very worth it. I also got some free stickers and posters including this hilarious poster below.







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