Top 5 songs of the week (27/02/2017) – Indie, alternative-rock, pop

Feels like its been a while since I’ve done a music list seeing as I’m quite busy with college I’m going to try plan these out better so I get a few more blogs out before April as I feel that will be a month with very little blog activity due to it being the final few weeks of term for my masters. This week is mostly indie/pop music with some Irish bands, Picture this and the blizzards thrown in as they deserve the recognition. It is also a list with a bit of sadness attached to it with one of the choices, Viola Beach, but I will explain that more further down.

1.Picture This – Pretend

I wasn’t very big on this band when I had heard one of their songs originally but decided to give them another chance and I found myself liking quite a few songs of theirs. This is a great acoustic and the band is starting to get more attention in Ireland now with some  five straight gigs in the Olympia this coming May/June so they are doing something right. They are also doing some gigs in Cork and England around that time so I’d recommend checking them out if you can.

2.Viola Beach – Boys That Sing

Great little indie number that suits a casual listen or blaring at a party. The band were unfortunately involved in a car accident in early 2016 ,which you may have heard about, but none of the members or their manager survived. It is a great shame as they had just been signed and were just coming back from a big tour and were surely destined for great things. Coldplay very graciously played this song of theirs at their headlining show for Glastonbury to show people how the band might have been in a few years and to pay respects to them. Family of the band have set up charities to help support young artists in the UK so their sons’ work lives on. “Swings & Waterslides” is another great track and its a shame I never got to see them in concert.

3.The Lumineers – Sleep On The Floor

Very good song with a great music video. The song is all about if you don’t leave now will you ever which I feel might be close to home for a lot of Irish people looking to escape for a bit even if it is a scary feeling. On the song the band have said “It’s just about, I think, [how] people move to big cities, whether it’s New York or LA, certain cities have these promises implied. You’re gonna go there, and you’re gonna fulfill that promise, you’re gonna catch that dream that you had in your head. And when you go there and it doesn’t happen, that’s sort of a reaction to that”. They played in Dublin recently and I’m a little annoyed that I couldn’t afford to go which is the case with most gigs these days.

4.Jesse Ruben – This is why I need you

Another great acoustic track this week coming from Jesse Ruben a Philly born, Brooklyn-based singer/songwriter. As is obvious from the song title this is a love song all about needing that certain someone in your life and why. However the singer has said it is also about more  “how big and scary the world can be. It’s about growing up and it’s about gratitude, and the people who help you get through the stuff that feels impossible. But for me it is more than that – it’s a reminder that I’m still a songwriter.”. This was the first release by the singer after he was unfortunately diagnosed with Lyme disease but he has come back strong and will hopefully continue to do so.

5.High Tyde – Do what you want

Good English band who seem to be relatively unknown but hopefully that changes for them in the near future. The song has a simple message ” fuck that, you can do what you want to”. The video is a bit of fun as well with fans having sent in videos of them dancing or singing along to the track. Hopefully they come to Dublin in the near future so I can see them live.


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