Rushing the stage at concerts and how it can go wrong

Every fan wants to be up on stage when they’re at their favourite band’s concert however the artists themselves might not enjoy it too much. It happens all the time at concerts due to poor/overwhelmed security and can be a serious nuisance when these artists are simply trying to do their job. Most take it in their stride however many artists aren’t too keen in having strangers run up and hug them and in the worst case scenario hurt them. Action Bronson is one of those artists and has been known to get rough with fans trying to get up on stage with him for example this video here:

However Bronson’s fans are generally an older crowd with a majority of males and the fan base has come to know and expect what will happen if you try it from the multiple times it has happened at his concerts.

One band who got a lot of flack for something similar is American pop-punk band “The story so far” who I am a big fan of however the video below brought them some negative attention. The video below shows what happened when as the band were about to start into one of their bigger songs “High Regard” a young female fan lingered a little too long on the stage for lead singer, Parker Cannon, and so he proceeded to literally kick her off the stage in a funny but harsh fashion. The concert took place in April 2016 and the video went quite viral afterwards with it currently having over 2,800,000 views on YouTube. A lot of their fans got quite angry at the band for their actions and they received a lot of flak for it but oddly enough the female fan who was kicked came out in support of the band in an article in Alternative Press:

The negative attention died down relatively quickly but the band were banned from ever performing in that venue again and they lost some fans over the ordeal. When it came down to it the kick seemed to be a spur of the moment thing and fits with the genre of music of “pop-punk” which tries to incorporate elements of punk and hardcore music to a varying degree. The simple way to solve this issue is to respect the artists space, not saying you can’t ever go up on stage just know how the artist you are going to see generally reacts to it so you don’t end up like the people in the videos.

Fans aren’t the only ones known to rush the stage. Kanye West has become known to invade a stage or two when he feels the world wants to hear his opinion but unfortunately for Yeezy his choice of timing wasn’t the greatest and he received a lot of negative press the two most infamous times interrupting Taylor Swift and Beck during their award acceptance speeches. Although with recent incidents with Kanye and his mental state is it right that we made so much fun of him at the time.










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